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Owning A Fender is dedicated to everyone who appreciates the legacy and craftsmanship of Fender guitars. Our platform is a tribute to the timeless design, distinctive sound, and innovation that Fender represents. We delve into the nuances of various models, share tips on maintenance, and celebrate the history of this iconic brand.

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The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Telecaster: Mastering String Height And Pickup Adjustments The Fender Telecaster, with its iconic sound and versatile nature, is a favorite among guitarists of all genres. Achieving the perfect setup is crucial for optimizing its playability and tonal quality. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Telecaster, focusing on…

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Photo by Eric Parks on Unsplash The Origin of the Relic Concept Before the Fender Custom Shop introduced the Relic Series in 1995, the idea of intentionally aging guitars was limited to restoration efforts or, in less scrupulous hands, forgeries. The introduction of the Relic Series marked a bold, new direction – offering players the look and feel of a vintage guitar straight out of the shop…

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A Journey Through Quality and Craftsmanship Photo by Ardi Evans on Unsplash Embracing Fender's Legacy Fender guitars, since their inception, have been more than just musical instruments; they are symbols of musical innovation. This article delves deep into Fender Guitar History, exploring how Fender's commitment to quality and craftsmanship has shaped the music industry from Leo Fender's initial…

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The Fender Stratocaster: A Guitar for Every Player and Every Budget Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned player, or somewhere in between, there's a Fender Stratocaster that's perfect for you and your budget. In this post, we'll explore some of the best Stratocasters across different price ranges, helping you make an informed decision to find your dream guitar. Top Pick: Fender Player Stratocaster…

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Introduction Fender guitars, known for their exceptional quality, offer a diverse range of finishes. These finishes enhance the guitar's aesthetics and subtly impact its tone and durability. Understanding the different types of finishes and how they affect your guitar's look, feel, and sound is key to appreciating and maintaining your Fender guitar. Types of Fender Guitar Finishes Fender's…

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Introduction The Fender Jaguar, a guitar with a rich history and distinctive features, has seen varying levels of popularity since its inception. This article explores the factors contributing to its resale value over the years. The History and Significance of the Fender Jaguar Introduced in 1962, the Fender Jaguar was the last addition to Fender’s original standard guitar lineup, following the…

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As Fender guitar enthusiasts, we understand the importance of keeping our instruments in top shape. But it's equally important to consider the environmental impact of our guitar maintenance routines. In this guide, we'll explore eco-friendly practices for maintaining your Fender guitar, ensuring it remains pristine while being environmentally conscious. The Impact of Non-Eco-Friendly Guitar…

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